About Us

Owner Warren Freeman has a passion for cars and was obsessed with them from an early age. He started his mechanical hands-on experience around the age of nine. If there was anything mechanical, Warren would be there, enthusiastically helping with whatever he could. He raced BMX bikes and did all his own maintenance including wheel bearings, crankshaft and steering bearings, changing gears and puncture repairs. Between the ages of 12-15 while Warren was in secondary school he built upon his early knowledge and experience by working on an old car in the paddock before moving on to building a buggy from scratch. He spent any spare time surrounded by anything mechanical. He spent much of his time on motorbikes…handling, riding, completely rebuilding the engine (overhead camshaft engine), servicing and tuning, going camping with them, or working on the buggy which he built from scratch and then remodeled as time went on.

During his secondary school years, Warren completed two weeks of work experience and then offered to continue working there throughout his school holidays. He had a natural ear and excellent hand/eye coordination to match his love of anything mechanical. The business quickly realized Warren’s potential and so when Warren was 16, he was offered an apprenticeship.

In 1992, Warren entered a WorkSkill Australia Foundation Competition in the category of Road Transport and after advancing through the rounds, he was awarded the bronze at State level competition.

Warren continued to be employed at the same place for 6 and a half years during which time he completed his apprenticeship and gained a lot of experience under the watchful eye of his employer. Since then Warren has worked in Victoria and NSW. His passion for cars is ever present and he loves to learn about the latest technologies. Now with more than 20 years experience, he still has the same passion for all things mechanical and is a stickler for road safety.

In 2009 Warren started his own mechanical business. This is it. Y-Wait Mechanics.
Y-Wait Mechanics specializes in 4WD’s but are just as comfortable in helping you with any vehicle you own.

Y-Wait Mechanics is a family run business and Warren is happy to travel to where it suits you. He prefers to work in with your timetable and location and is available 7 days a week.

Y-Wait: If you are a contractor, we can come to your job site,
If you work odd hours or do shift work let us make a time to suit you,
If you are a stay-at-home parent we can come to your home,
If you are a carer let us come to a place that is convenient to you, or
If you are simply time poor we are available 7 days a week at no extra cost.