I drive an old 98 model Hyundai.  Warren has been open to discussion & helped me decide repair necessities & how long to maintain the car to a certain standard. There comes a time when it’s too old to keep fixing. That said, the standard of attention and work is phenomenal.  I am hoping to have a long association with Warren of
Y-Wait Mechanics. I find his honesty, pricing & transparency when it comes to breaking down the account very reasonable & approachable. I have always believed in supporting the “smaller business” but Warren makes it seem you have received the best service available. I hope his business flourishes as my car seems to be!

We recently emigrated to Australia and my husband and I needed to find me a suitable used car that would be reliable and good value for money. Warren inspected a few vehicles that, in our opinion, looked like very good deals – only to find various problems that would have cost us a good sum of money to have fixed in the near future! One ‘excellent’ buy got the thumbs down as Warren’s critical eye picked up (obviously to be denied by the dealer!) that it had been in an accident! I have now been driving the car that got Warren’s stamp of approval for over 2 months, and it is my best buy ever. If you are looking to buy a used car, I highly recommend Warren based on his extensive experience, excellent attention to detail and a level of integrity that puts your mind at ease from the moment you meet him.

What a life-saver. Thank you Warren. There’s nothing worse than the car stopping beside the road. But you got it going again, (and it’s still going).

We run a fleet of 10 vehicles which means we have a vehicle at the dealerships at least once a month.  This is time consuming and costly to our business.  We needed a solution that streamlined the maintenance of our fleet.  We found Warren Freeman from Y Wait Mechanics and have never looked back.  One phone call and he comes to you, no waiting, no travelling and no more costly dealership services.  He even stamps our books.  Our maintenance costs have been reduced by 20%, not to mention the time we save

We live on a 400 acre farm in Gippsland Victoria. We have a number of vehicles that need constant maintenance. Warren of ‘Y-Wait Mechanics’ has always been ready to give us prompt professional service at a good rate.

I am very pleased with his work and do not hesitate to recommend him. It is so hard to find a reliable and skilled mechanic that knows their stuff!, in that regard Warren is like Gold!…

Warren has an amazing ability for correct diagnosis first time, everytime with good old fashioned service. There is communication throughout repairs, where the information is given to YOU to make the decisions so there’s no nasty surprises. Warren has a high standard of honesty and integrity.